Sunflower Picnic Table


This is a picnic table with one of Kristy’s hand created designs on it. Each one made specially, different and unique in it’s own way.


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This is for a pre-built 6′ standard picnic table. It will have the sunflower design in the middle, and the fours half sunflowers on the ends of benches like shown. You can choose to have the two butterflies or I’m open to adding something different instead (like dragonflies, bees, hummingbirds, etc).

  • this is a custom hand made item
  • all designs are made from scratch by hand, by me
  • no stencils or vinyls used
  • stained and sealed with protectant
  • can choose fully stained or legs with out stain color
  • open to having customizable items added; more butterflies, no butterflies, bees, other flower (possibly)
  • each one unique and slightly different since hand drawn
  • each design creation of butterflies or other will be different and at creators choice


Each one is sanded and created with a lot of time and love! They are also preserved with exterior protection to help guarantee durability. Recommended to keep out of sun 24/7 or fading may occur over time. Also recommend adding layer of outdoor sealant every year for best chances of long lasting (very easy to do).


Weight 1760 oz
Dimensions 72 × 54 × 30 in


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