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The Artwork of Kristy Keuer


Now Featuring Custom Floral Hats

Choose from fedora hats, ball caps or cowboy hats

Stain Art Collection

Embark on a journey through a whimsical woodland world with these captivating drawings of flowers, butterflies, and bees, delicately brought to life using a mesmerizing blend of wood stain and markers on wood. Each stroke is a testament to the artist’s skill and imagination, creating a tapestry of nature’s wonders on a rustic canvas.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of these acrylic floral paintings on wood… where nature’s grace meets the warmth of artistic creation.

Kristy’s Handmade Creations

Mushroom Art Collection

Step into a magical realm where imagination takes root and blooms with every stroke on wood – behold the enchanting world of whimsical mushrooms and flowers. Crafted with a delicate dance of wood stain and markers, these unique creations bring a splash of whimsy on wood: staining the world with mushroom magic.

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Wooden Notebooks

Featuring Kristy’s hand drawn flowers engraved onto them.

Floral Mugs

One of a kind mugs featuring Kristy’s artwork on them.

Sunflower Hats

Beanie hats featuring Kristy’s sunflower artwork on them.

About the Artist

One of a Kind Artwork

Each item is free hand drawn and painted with much care and love. No two items will ever be the same. If you are looking for the perfect custom piece for your home or loved one, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and we can work on bringing your vision to life!

Kristy’s Handmade Creations LLC