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Custom Orders

All of my items are free hand designed so that makes it super easy to be customizable. If you are looking to have something made by me I would be happy to help discuss with you ways of bringing your vision to life.

Here are some ideas others have requested for custom orders:

  • Adding something extra like words
  • Seeing a design you like but made into a different size
  • Liking a piece but wanting to switch flowers
  • Adding butterflies, bees, etc to a design
  • Found an older piece I made but no longer offer on website

I’m always happy to create more! So please reach out to me by email or social media to contact me. The items on my website are not the only items I can do. You can take a look at my gallery and social media. Just send me pictures of my previous work with your ideas and I will let you know if that is something I can recreate or create for you.