About the Artist

Hey everyone and welcome to my page! My name is Kristy. Iโ€™m a wife of 13 years to a wonderful supportive husband who finally last year convinced me of starting my lifelong passion with art, a homeschooling mother of two daughters ages 13 and 10, and I also run a frugal blog called My Momma Taught Me.ย 

I’ve always had a passion for art. I found myself often doodling in school and at home. I wish I had some background in art, but unfortunately I just learn as I go. I love anything art related and could sit and stare at pieces all day. I find such beauty and amazement in art. I love the perspective it can give you.

After tons of practicing to see what type of art I like… I have finally gravitated towards the sunflowers and stain art. I really want to try my hand at more specific designs that move me. That’s what art is all about anyway, right?!

I hope you stick around and see what I have in store for the future on my new journey! I hope to see you following me on Facebook and Instagram where I share a bunch of pictures!