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First Sign for a Business: A Hair Salon

xposed beauty hair salon wall art

I had the honor to create and make some one of a kind hand painted signs for a local business. The person I’ve been going to for my hair asked me about making some signs. I’ll admit I was super excited. How neat is it to have something you created up and hanging for all to see?!

Canvas Art for small business

I worked with her to figure out what designs she would like and colors. She gave me her logo and I figured I would try to make it by painting it myself.

hair salon wall art

I love panel art. It was harder then you think to figure out what sizes to go well together. I shopped at my local craft store, but they didn’t have much of a selection. I gathered the ones I bought and decided on this. I love how the 5 panel canvas art sign came out. I did a lot of measuring to make sure this one turned out great!

xposed beauty hair salon canvas art

As you can see I have my sketch handy and then start with the base color painting the background to match Xposed Beauty’s Logo. I then sketched lightly with a pencil on top for the eyes and words.

Look at them!! Ahh… I’m so happy with them. They may seem a bit simple, but that is my favorite type when it comes to something like this.

xposed beauty hair salon art

I’m so happy and thankful for this opportunity to have created these! If you have a business and would like to talk about some hand made signs, please get a hold of me!