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Burlap Sunflower Wreathe

Burlap Sunflower Wreathe

I’ve been wanting to make a Burlap Sunflower Wreathe for some time now. I finally decided it was time so I grabbed all the supplies I’ve had for awhile and gave it a go. Like most things I do it’s spur of the moment and when I feel it’s the right time.

I used a 12″ wreathe wire. I used some pipe cleaners I had on hand and started adding them around. I tied them together in the middle too for support for the middle when I get there. I ended up adding more pipe cleaners as I went to fill in more.

I cut off 9 inch sections of the burlap. I literally just kept cutting and adding them till I went through the 2 and half rolls I had on hand. These I found at my local Walmart in the craft section.

Burlap Sunflower Wreathe Tying the sections

I folded the sections in half to make butterfly like sections and then tied them onto each pipe cleaner. I did two on each one to double it up for more coverage.

wreathe tying the sections

You can see here how I bunched them up and pinched the center. Then you pinch them in half as they lay down to give that butterfly winged effect.

Middle of the Burlap Sunflower Wreathe

For the center I took some smaller 5 inch burlap I had on hand and twisted and spun it altogether to make a spiral. I then glued down the pipe cleaners you see above as a way to attach it to the other pipe cleaners I attached in the middle. I used a square felt piece to glue on top to cover it up and add for extra hold.