Stain Art

Sunflower framed wood signs

I started a collection of framed sunflowers. I always aim for some diversity in the flowers I draw. Mostly I just draw and paint what comes to me as I sit with the wood in front of me. Often visualizing different ways and flows to my flowers.

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I couldn’t love my artwork anymore….could I?! Well… I say that with every creation how much I love it. Honestly, I’m proud of my work. I like that it’s one of a kind and you… Read More »My Sunflower Stain Art Creations

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I’ve finally decided that stain art / line art is my passion. I find that these really move me and make me feel proud of my work and all those great warm fuzzy feelings…lol.

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Black Eyed Susan Wood Sign

I’ve been trying hard to find other flowers to implement my stain art with. I decided to give these Black Eyed Susan Wood Sign. Though…they kind of look like Coneflowers as well, but I’m going with the Black Eyed Susans.

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