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Custom Hand Painted House Wood Ornaments

Hand Painted Custom House Wood Ornaments


Sometimes in life you don’t think you can do things so you don’t even try. Being older now one of the things I like to do is TRY. So when I was asked if I could paint real life houses on tiny little ornaments you know what I did? Yup… I tried!

First Try Painting House on Wood

I didn’t have the right size I needed for a nice ornament for the house paintings. I only had 2″ slices and really needed the 3-4″ ones. So before I went out and purchase them I drew a circle on some scrap wood so I could see if I could paint them. Above is how my first attempt turned out. I sent the picture, and to my surprise they loved it. That was the go ahead to make a bunch of custom home paintings.

Painting tiny custom houses on wood slices

As you can see… I had my work cut out for me! The biggest challenge was finding the wood slices I wanted and then painting these all in a short time frame to be done in time for Christmas. I got to say I do like a challenge.

I start off with painting the slices a dark color for the night sky and then I sketch out the houses I need to paint after looking at the images sent to me. These were all new homes that were purchased recently and being given as gifts for Christmas. How exciting.

My biggest challenge that came up after I bought the wood slices was cracking. I wanted birch wood slices, but they are hard to find. Especially in December. I found some at Michael’s I wanted and had my husband pick me up all they had on his lunch break, as well as a log that you could slice so we could make more. Unfortunately, the log when cut had more cracks in many. So we went an hour away to find more at another Michael’s store. Then in the end I ended up having to purchase a different wood online, and many of those came broke as well. Talk about a pain, right?!

sketches oh homes on wood slices

I truly enjoyed creating the homes. I ended up making 22 custom hand painted 3-4″ wood ornaments in 7 days!

Here are a few of the homes with the pictures of the ornaments I painted to show you how they look!

Hand Painted tiny custom home ornaments

Overall, I could not be happier with the turn out. I ended up painting these 22 custom home paintings on these tiny wood slices in a week, along with all the other custom orders, and I also painted an extra 6 home ornaments after this order. I’m very thankful for those who push me to create and proud of myself for trying!