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First Wood Serving Tray Made

Serving Tray

My mother told me about my sister looking for a serving tray. Naturally, I said I could make one. And my me… I meant my husband and I. So I double checked with my husband for the go ahead. I texted my sister and asked what style she was looking for and what color, etc.

how to build a serving tray

My husband has been enjoying being able to do some woodworking. I came up with the measurements and the design and let him assemble everything. We use wood glue and clamps to secure the wood together. He then sanded everything smooth.

making a serving tray

We went to Lowes and looked for some hardware. What’s a serving tray without a way to hold and pick it up? I found a couple different kinds. Then I had my sister choose which she liked. My husband attached those by drilling some holes in the back to be able to fit the screws in since the wood was thicker then normal, so that was needed.

finished wood serving tray

I think it came out really great, and my sister definitely approved! I choose the espresso wood stain to finish it with. We did not apply any special top coat since no food will actually be touching the wood. I personally like the look of the wood with out top coats.

If you are interested in one, as with any thing we create…. let me know!