Mother’s Day 2020 Creations

These “Best Mom Ever” magnets were perfect for Mother’s Day. I also came up with some painted sceneries for my own family as well.

Scenery Painted Magnet

Here are some of the painted little scenes I came up with.

Painted Elephant with Lilacs Magnet

Someone asked if I could paint an elephant, and I never have but I was willing to give it a try. I look at photos and other painted pictures for reference and go from there. Adding lilacs for the elephant to be holding was the perfect addition.

Mother's Day Painted Wood Slice Magnets

The bottom left one I designed for my Aunt with the 5 dragonflies symbolizing her and myself and siblings. The bottom right was for my mother who loves turtles and they symbolize her and her grandchildren.

Hand Painted Mother's Day Cards

I also made my own Mother’s Day Cards. These were one sided and painted with water paint. I love the way they turned out.

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