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Our Family Hand Painted Portraits Wood Slice

Our Family Hand Painted Portraits Wood Slice

Oh em gee….. like really. Sometimes I surprise myself. I attempt things often and get frustrated and think why do I bother. But that doesn’t stop me from trying again. I wanted to try my hand at painting some family portraits. I have seen some of these online before so I wanted to give this style a try.

sketch family portrait on wood slice

First I sketched out what I wanted on the wood and the placement of everything. Then I had to go in with my super tiny paint brush and fill in the shapes with the different colors.

hand painted family portrait on wood slice

Here is my first attempt. It’s a portrait of my family including myself, my husband, our two kids, and our three dogs. Meh… is the word I typically use when I’m not satisfied with my work. Now I know what it could have used to make it extra.

Our Family Hand Painted Portraits Wood Slice

This. Now this one I love. The thing my first one needed was a black outline around most. Do you see the difference? This one here I created for my parents as a gift for Christmas. They loved it and decided they will be having this in their camper down by the bay. Perfect idea I thought. That way you don’t have to just get it out at Christmas time to hang on the tree.

This one is larger then my first ornament I painted with our family. But it also has a lot more people! Everyone got a kick out of it and could tell who everyone was. That’s the most important part!