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Painted Floral Lazy Susans and Serving Trays

Painting in color has always been challenging for me. I’m totally self taught with what I do and the thought of figuring out how to blend colors, what colors go together and all that just hurts my head trying to try. I had bought these beautiful teak wood rounds and they sat in my craft room for months.

Finally one day it just hit me to try and paint some colored flowers in a bouquet like I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve done some painting for flowers here and there and tried different styles too. So I just picked up my brush, picked out some soft tones for my florals and went for it.

I was so happy with the turn out of my first one that I decided to go ahead and try a few other ones. I had plans to make these into lazy susans. I bought the hardware and the rubber bottoms that I needed and then I made a few more. I’m so happy that others liked the way they turned out too. I was super nervous at first about them, but having everyone share their thoughts and words of encouragement really help me to keep trying and do more.

Here are the first four lazy susans that I painted.

I even went on to try some other serving trays and see what I could paint on them. I like the way they turned out. I like trying new things and being able to share with others.

You can view the ones I have available here.