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Painting Horses

Three painted Horses faces

Painting people or animals is really hard for me. I’m a self taught artist and I’ve always struggled. I had a request asking if I could paint a horse. I himmed and hawed over it and figured I might as well try.

My first hand painted horse portrait

Ahh… here is my first ever painted horse portrait!! I shared on my Facebook page and everyone loved it. Including my horse loving daughter. Which this is now, by the way, in her room!

After that I had two more horses I had to paint. This time I had to try and match them to real life horses. That’s always a challenge… trying to paint something that has special characteristics.

So… here they are side by side so you can see! One thing I always find to be a bit difficult is matching colors. Horse are so unique and the front of their faces can be so different! As you can see with these ones, too. I enjoyed creating these, and hope the recipients of them love them just as much!