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Small Dog Painting on Wood Process

I found it comforting to paint on such a small canvas. I start each portrait off by first sketching the main shapes and details of each animal onto my wood slices.

Sometimes they can turn out a little funny… but for the most part they look like the dogs from the photo reference!

After I sketch the main details I then go in and start with the largest color and work a base coat around. Sometimes I would start on the ear and work my way to finish that section and move on. This generally isn’t my preferred method, but with the paint drying fast sometimes it’s best to do to be able to blend colors.

After I’m done painting them, I double check the photos for refence and add any additional colors or details I think I may have missed. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding a small section to make the face shape to look more like the original image I’m referencing from.

After they are done being painted each one gets a clear protective coat or a few on top of it. I then either drill a hole for the twine to hang or glue a magnet on the back. Each come with my initials “KK” and the year on the back.

Just a wonderful keepsake, don’t you think?!