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Small Pet Portraits Wood Slices

I had so much fun creating all these personalized keepsakes this holiday season. I never ever thought this was something I’d be able to do. Portraits have always seemed so challenging to me. Somehow one day I wanted to paint my own dogs and then it kinda went from there…

Sometimes I have a hard time when I paint… seeing whether of not I did a good job. I think I’ve learned that sometimes you have to take a step back and then re visit a project to really see what you got. Often, when painting, I am harsh on myself and not confident especially with these that they turned out well. Now looking at them, I can have a better perspective not having just finished spending an hour or more painting them.

I’m happily pleased with the outcome of them. I did quite a few this time around and I plan on offering these and more in the upcoming year. I really enjoyed painting everyone’s furry loved ones!