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Sunflower and Dandelion Name Painting

Hughes-Jones Sunflower Art

With inspirations from my watercolor flower name paintings we came upon this design. I really love the outcome of this one.

Sunflower Art Sketch

The paintings made her think of the family name signs her family had, and she wanted one for herself. It was asked for sunflowers and dandelions with some realistic color.

Sunflower Art

I had sketched up some designs and came to love this design. I pencil my drawings first to be sure of placement. Then I use my paint pens to draw the final design onto the canvas. The two sunflowers stand for the parents and the dandelions stand for the four children. Typically when I paint, specially for others, there tends to be meaning behind what I draw and paint. Even if they don’t know that.

Sunflower Name Art Watercolor

After looking at this I was super nervous to add any color to it. I used my watercolors and as soon as I started to add yellow to the sunflowers I knew I was gonna love it. I think it came out so nicely. All it needs now is a fame to be hung on the wall.