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Working on Sunflowers…

Sunflower art has become my utmost favorite to create. I love creating unique one of kind flowers every time I make one. Each piece starts off with me sketching out the flowers on to the wood. Then I trace over them with the paint. Often times I don’t trace exactly. I have more of a free flow kind of method. I tend to let go of the expectations of being perfectly shaped or symmetrical and go for the natural flowing and random shapes as you may find even in nature.

After I am done painting the flowers on to the wood and have them to my liking I need to go in with stain and fill in the spaces. I do the outside as well as the middles and other places I want to add dimension to.

Above are some of my latest signs. You can find many of these available in my Esty Shop online. Upon searching… I have not found many artists who have this same kind of technique for their signs.

If you look at some of my earlier work you can really see the difference in the sunflowers. I’ve graduated to a more flowing and free style with the petals, I think. Either way I’ve been enjoying every minute!