These beautiful Sunflower Stove Top Covers are free hand drawn and painted. They are are all made one by one with the help of my husband building them, and then myself painting and staining them.… Read More »Sunflower Stove Top Covers

I had so much fun creating all these personalized keepsakes this holiday season. I never ever thought this was something I’d be able to do. Portraits have always seemed so challenging to me. Somehow one day I wanted to paint my own dogs and then it kinda went from there…

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Sunflower framed wood signs

I started a collection of framed sunflowers. I always aim for some diversity in the flowers I draw. Mostly I just draw and paint what comes to me as I sit with the wood in front of me. Often visualizing different ways and flows to my flowers.

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I couldn’t love my artwork anymore….could I?! Well… I say that with every creation how much I love it. Honestly, I’m proud of my work. I like that it’s one of a kind and you… Read More »My Sunflower Stain Art Creations

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