Painted Silhouette Landscapes

One of my favorite ways to paint on canvas is to create a Silhouette Landscape. You choose your colors for the background and blend them till you are satisfied with the outcome. Then you add your black designs to the front. My absolute favorite has to be the sunset with the pond scenery.

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xposed beauty hair salon wall art

I had the honor to create and make some one of a kind hand painted signs for a local business. The person I’ve been going to for my hair asked me about making some signs. I’ll admit I was super excited. How neat is it to have something you created up and hanging for all to see?!

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Black Eyed Susan Wood Sign

I’ve been trying hard to find other flowers to implement my stain art with. I decided to give these Black Eyed Susan Wood Sign. Though…they kind of look like Coneflowers as well, but I’m going with the Black Eyed Susans.

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Burlap Sunflower Wreathe

I’ve been wanting to make a Burlap Sunflower Wreathe for some time now. I finally decided it was time so I grabbed all the supplies I’ve had for awhile and gave it a go. Like most things I do it’s spur of the moment and when I feel it’s the right time.

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Serving Tray

My mother told me about my sister looking for a serving tray. Naturally, I said I could make one. And my me… I meant my husband and I. So I double checked with my husband for the go ahead. I texted my sister and asked what style she was looking for and what color, etc.

how to build a serving tray

My husband has been enjoying being able to do some woodworking. I came up with the measurements and the design and let him assemble everything. We use wood glue and clamps to secure the wood together. He then sanded everything smooth.

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