Our Family Hand Painted Portraits Wood Slice

Oh em gee….. like really. Sometimes I surprise myself. I attempt things often and get frustrated and think why do I bother. But that doesn’t stop me from trying again. I wanted to try my hand at painting some family portraits. I have seen some of these online before so I wanted to give this style a try.

sketch family portrait on wood slice

First I sketched out what I wanted on the wood and the placement of everything. Then I had to go in with my super tiny paint brush and fill in the shapes with the different colors.

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Kristy Hand Painted Gnome Wood Ornaments

So I wanted to create a custom ornament for my aunt. I asked her what she would like. She asked if I could paint my gnomes on the ornament. What a great idea I thought! Of course I was gonna give that a try. These Gnome Wood Ornaments turned out super cute!!

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Three painted Horses faces

Painting people or animals is really hard for me. I’m a self taught artist and I’ve always struggled. I had a request asking if I could paint a horse. I himmed and hawed over it and figured I might as well try.

My first hand painted horse portrait
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